Riada TC were particularly busy this week. Lots of racing to report!

Mid week we had Ross Armstrong at the Lisburn Half Marathon. Ross’s excellent running skills were put to use pacing the 1:45 group. And did someone say he biked from Bushmills to Lisburn to do it???

Also on Wednesday Hall Booth, Chris Millar and Eddie Hampton tested themselves at the BRC 25 mile time trial.

On Saturday Riada TC members supported the Portballin-Tri relay triathlon. An event that supports the Sports Academy George, South Africa. Well done Julie Sittlington, Rob Lawrence, Billy Smith, Kyle Leckey, Ross Armstrong, Chuck Russell, Susan Brown, David Wilson, Sonia and Gareth Knox.

The inaugural Carrickfergus Triathlon had Riada members Hall Booth, Jim Blee, Neil Ramsbottom, Nadine McCandless, Nigel Mcknight, Janine Gordon and Chuck Russell on the start line on Sunday morning. In perfect conditions Chuck won his age group, Janine achieved 3rd female overall and Jim won the Emergency Services division. ???. We should also mention this was Hall’s first triathlon! Congratulations big lad!

Meanwhile on the other side of Belfast Lough, Norma Snelling, Eddie Hampton and Rob Lawrence represented Riada TC at the Peninsula Sea Sprint Triathlon at Bangor. Rob achieved an amazing 4th place overall and a clear win as the first junior home! ??

Congratulations everyone!