Congratulations to Ross Armstrong, Eddie Hampton, Johnny Graham, Norma Snelling and Donna McConkey for obtaining new PB’s at the Boom 10k in Coleraine. Together with Team Knox (Sonia and son Callum), RIADA members supported the local charity event with proceeds going to the Boom Foundation. With a reprieve from the rain and little wind, the event was a success with a good crowd and atmosphere.

Ross Armstrong (38:18, 7th overall, new PB)
Eddie Hampton (47:37 new PB)
Johnny Graham (49:22 new PB
Norma Snelling (57:14 new PB)
Team Knox (Sonia and son Callum 44:07)
Donna McConkey (1:05:45 new PB)

Full results found here

If you’d like further information on the Boom Foundation or how to donate please click here